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Bibliographic database

JabRef/Mendeley/Endnote bibliographic database. 2779 entries; primarily glaciology and Quaternary science papers from around Greenland. More recently this has diversified to a range of topics from the wider Arctic and Antarctica (5.5 MB). BIB file (JabRef), RIS file (Mendeley, Endnote).


Vermassen, et al. (2019) An evaluation of grain-size parameters as proxies for glacier change over the past ~100 years in Upernavik Isfjord. Journal of Quaternary Science X(X): 1–10 (0.8 MB). PDF.

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Dyke, L. M. (2014) PhD thesis "The late-Quaternary glacial history of southeast Greenland" 1–304. (8 MB). Reduced-size PDF.

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